10S Star Sign Divination (Path1 Erry)

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...is a way to divine their star sign easily, direclty and fast.

- No language restrictions
- No anagrams
- No DR
- Easy and direct.

"Just read the pdf and it's an amazingly clever idea. I will certainly give this a whirl." - Michael Murray

"Used the right way this technique is epic!" - Ben Allen

"It's a wonderful idea, and really only takes about 10 seconds to perform and know their star sign.
I'm not a fan of long, drawn out procedures when it comes to prop-less mentalism, so this was perfect for me. At first read I was a little skeptical, but tested it out and it worked consistently ever time!
This uses a principle you may be aware of, but in a slightly different way than others are using it. In fact, I find this variation to be more successful.
Overall it's a great idea, and I can see myself using this often. I'd give it a very fair rating of an 8/10.
Excellent work Ceierry!" - Dustin Dean

"Sometimes a performer stumbles upon something that has been right before our noses our entire lives and then uses it to achieve a powerful moment of mind-reading.
Olivier has done so, and I am royally peeved I didn't think of it myself. You will use this principle, I guarantee it." - --RW (RedDevil) Cosley

"I absolutely love this method.
It falls into the category of simple and natural methods I look for.
The fact that this is a conversational piece makes this a perfect fit for my style and approach to close up performance.
I will be working on other uses for this as I'm sure this principle has a lot more potential. If you are into prop less, then get it." - Fraser Parker

"Just read it and I like it. I will give this a try soon. I like your way of thinking and Im sure you creative mind will soon give great ideas to the community, this is my prediction for you
The method is simple and direct and can easily be expanded to other concepts too.
Good luck with this, bravo! "- Luca Volpe "The Italian Mentalist"

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